About J.Paisan Praram 2 Co., Ltd.

J.Paisan Praram 2 Co., Ltd. or J.Paisan was established on 29 January 1993 by Mr. Paisan Rangrajitpakorn, the managing director who is the second generation of this family to head the machinery sale business, following his father Mr. Juhib Sae Liang.  J.Paisan has expanded and developed our operation from a small lathe factory into an importer, distributor, and lessor of heavy machineries, to provide solutions to our customers and support them with heavy machineries for construction work. Our business can be divided into 2 parts, as follows:
  1. Heavy Machinery Rental Business For more than 30 years, J.Paisan has expertise and experience dealing with heavy machinery rental business.  We are industrial leader for heavy machinery rental business for foundation construction work, and other fields such as general construction work, lifting and installation works, and heavy hauling, including provision of experienced driver-operators to cover both short- and long-term rent.  Currently our rental business covers the following heavy machineries:
    • more than 50 earth drills and pile drivers
    • tower cranes
    • crawler cranes
    • mini excavators and hydraulic excavators
    • truck crane and
    • electric generator
      We also provide heavy machinery hauling and relocation services covering the whole of Thailand, to provide convenience to and abide by the needs of our client in different regions.
  2. Heavy Machinery Import and Distribution Business We import and distribute heavy machineries as follows:
    1. Sole importer and distributor in Thailand of Kato Works-brand heavy machineries from Japan J. Paisan is the only authorized representative to import and distribute Kato Works-brand heavy machineries in Thailand for crawler cranes from 55-300 tons and mini excavators, hydraulic excavators, and earth drillers under Kato Works brand, which is leading crane manufacturer from Japan with more than 100 years of history, with continuous development in technology to increase efficiency and safety for the users, and with price and quality accepted by customers from around the world. For more information about Kato Works brand please visit http://www.kato-works.co.jp/eng/
    2. Used Heavy Machinery Import and Distribution Business J. Paisan offers procurement and importation services for all types of heavy machineries upon demand of and under budget set by the customers through our partners in Japan.